26 Best Resume Website Examples of 2021 That Will Inspire You

In any corporate job hunt or search, having a great resume has always played a huge role in determining the chances of getting the job and a great resume website even goes the extra mile in putting you ahead of the gap.

Even if you are not looking for a new job at this moment, a resume website could serve as a great portfolio website for careers such as artists, designers, web developers, this list can go on.

Not only does a resume website reflect an applicant's understanding of the digital and modern day online world. It also shows a level of professionalism and aura that puts any applicants ahead of other applicants. industry being pursued.

To know exactly what the current standards are for resume websites. We have found the best resume examples from various industries that will give you the best insights when building you own website.

Before you create and design your personal resume website, it would be really helpful to check these professional resume website examples.

The following resume website examples can give you inspiration when you need a redesign of your existing resume website , or if you feel stuck on what a new resume website should look like.

One of the most important considerations for a resume website is the page structure. It . The format you choose will depend on both the amount of content you have ready to published on your website. A professional resume website could be a

  1. One page resume website

  2. Multi-page resume website

In a functional format, there is greater emphasis on skills than with the format you choose, and your resume website should also emphasise on the user experience.

To guide you on what to do, let me introduce you to the best 26 Resume Website examples that will inspire you to have one.

Best Resume Website Examples

1. Sergey Designer

Sergey Designer is a motion graphic artist, he creates video animations and VFX edits. His resume website is very entrancing, dark theme and animations that seem to sync well with his nature of work.

If you notice, the website Sergey's website is a very good example of a one page portfolio website, the website showcases his entire resume within one page.

2. Andrew McCarthy

Just like Sergey's resume website, Andrew has a multi talented artist. He is an art director, web developer, skate boarder. He used this website design to reveal an artistic side from a very minimalist perspective.

Andrew McCarthy is a Berlin-based designer and developer, to minimize the text density, the resume web page includes short sentences and relevant hyperlinks to keep things concise/precise.

3. Ximena Vengoechea

Ximena Vengoechea is one of the best personal websites out there, it is user friendly, beautiful design, beautiful colors, nice fonts etc.

One interesting thing about the personal website is the colors of Vengoechea’s illustrations, it really brings out the best out of the page.

4. Kristen Lee

Lee personal portfolio focuses on the use of calligraphy and hand lettering, integrated samples of her work to sell her web page.

Lee is a good example of personal portfolio websites. She uses a number of photographs, nice contact form arranged in a beautiful order to wow visitors.

5. Ximena Larkin

Ximena Larkin personal portfolio web page features a large image of her and Michelle Obama as well as other well known respected public figures in the society.

This boosts her credibility as she is also a detailed person in terms of description.

Her work as PR specialist and writer, gave her an edge above others as she makes available links to her own works and press coverages to potential clients.

6. Rhiannon Navin

Rhiannon Navin personal website centres on what Navin wants to advertise, the cover images with blurb in the center explains to you vividly why you are on the site.

When you scroll down you get more about her book, her life story and a link to buy her book.

7. Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a good pointer of resume website examples. Hines shows creativity through her writing, visual work and the configuration of publication logos.

Her testimonials page is the best, take it from me.

8. Red Russak

Red Russak falls in the category of the best personal websites. Although, the personal portfolio does not give out much information, it avails you with the much you should know with great visuals that will wow you.

9. Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda Rach Lee personal website is so beautiful, user friendly, straightforward, showcasing her drawings, handwriting, which centres on art and journaling.

Are you looking at showcasing your artworks, Amanda Rach Lee personal website is the site to visit. It tells you all.

10. Lisa Elias

Lisa Elias is into metalwork front and center, the resume website example carries images of her work, her video says it all.

Her resume is something you are eager to read and read again, you get to learn more of her person as she uses sculptures to depict issues.

11. Serah Chang

Sarah Chang is one of the best personal websites to go to, it is a minimalist site, does a great job, it displays all what Chang has done, easy to comprehend.

Chang can communicate very important information in less than a minute, his diction is very good.

12. Lilli Weisz

Lilli Weisz is a good example of personal portfolio websites or broadly personal website examples.

Weisz specifically focuses on assisting people declutter and organize their digital lives.

It is a simple and charming site.

13. Callie Schweitzer

Callie Schweitzer is another good example of personal websites, it does great when it comes to job detailing.

Schweitzer has a great way of bringing together all the places/jobs... you can see a lot on her featured web page.

14. Ximena N. Larkin

Ximena N. Larkin a writer, publicist and communication specialist showcase great pictures about the range of works.

This is a good representation of resume website examples.

15. Helena Bowen

Helena Bowen personal website does much as a speaking coach. Bowen is a speechwriter, her homepage shows testimonials from her clients, which reflects her wealth of experience, the web page is user friendly and clean.

Are you a public speaker and you want to own a website, Helena Bowen personal website is where to go.

16. Emily Hogarth

This personal website has a way of drawing your attention to the slideshow of bright colorful pictures of Hogarth’s works, you will get to know her more and you will love the way she arranges her work and also how to purchase them.

17. Anthony Wiktor

This online resume website example is very beautiful, the website does a great job in incorporating graphics with colors as you go through each of the work you will see his sense of creativity uniquely on it.

The entire site changes color at intervals making it very exciting.

18. Nathaniel Koloc

Nathaniel Koloc personal portfolio is a clean-cut website that lays out Koloc’s work and background in a very exciting and simple manner.

The personal website is easy to follow, very engaging with links to examples and large logos.

19. Pascal Van Gemert

Pascal Van Gemert is a good example of best personal websites, very interactive resume that uses diverse color blocks to split up the one-page site, making it very easy to skim with the images appearing very cute.

It can be referred to as a good example of a traditional resume and an online site.

20. Andy Martin

Andy Martins, a good example of personal portfolio websites. Martin is a trombonist. He centres on music, very natural, you will love him play and want to click to see upcoming performances and his beautiful/impressive soundtrack experience.

21. Hope Reagan

Hope Reagan is a good personal website example or a good personal portfolio website.

The portfolio-heavy site makes it very easy to browse through different works of Reagan.

Reagan eliminates any form of distraction from his beautiful personal website.

22. Jim Ramsdem

This is one of the best personal websites to underscore.

Jim Ramsdem is very good when it comes to summarising himself above others. He has a great graphic logo and photo with a simple tagline.

His About page is the best, it does a great job of relating his life and professional preferences.

23. Joshua McCartney

The personal portfolio of McCartney’s personality is very simple but funny, it starts by making you laugh at him until you become seriously impressed about his works which summarizes the projects he has executed.

24. Lisa Bolton

Lisa Bolton is a cookbook creator which makes food the star of her personal portfolio.

The pictures are large, very appetizing, linking visitors to her recipes.

25. Kiran Umapathy

This is another good personal website example. Umapathy's style is quite cute with short headlines, large images linking to samples of his work, very simple, user friendly and very attractive.

26. Amy Colleen

Amy Colleen is a photographer, her personal website features major photographs, almost no text and the images explain more about him and his work.

Resume Website Common Questions

What should be on a personal resume website?

1. Skills

One of the mandatory things that should be on your personal website is your skills. Tell the world what and what you can do. This will help you sell your page and yourself at large.

2. The About Information

Sometimes writing about yourself can be so difficult but it is expected of you to communicate who you are to people in your personal website. Tell you readers what you do, who you work with, what you are passionate about and what you read in school and what you majored on.

3. Portfolio

Portfolio is another important aspect that must be incorporated in your personal website. Give people examples of jobs you have executed, evidence of works you have done, the diverse class of people you have worked with, make a list of them.

4. Social Media and Contact Info

Make sure your social media handles are incorporated in your personal website so that people can easily reach out to you, so also your contact numbers.

5. Case Studies

Besides showing your portfolio, move a step further by showing up finished works and the processes it took you to get it done. This is another important aspect that should be in your personal website.

6. Resume

Add a good overall well crafted resume to your personal website as there are employers out there who want to see your worth before engaging you.

How do I write a personal website?

The following are steps to write your personal website.

  1. Set up your site

  2. Select a cover image

  3. Upload a logo

  4. Choose your site colors

  5. Select a font style

  6. Enter your contact details

  7. Set up your pages

  8. Edit your homepage

  9. Edit your other pages

  10. Publish your personal website!

Should I create a personal resume website?

Yes! if you are interested in showcasing your worth, your business, your job, your passion, your creativity, your lifestyle, your company/organisation, your school, your farm and it's produce, your music etc.

If you are interested to create a resume website for yourself, you can hire us to get it done and get yourself an spectacular website design!

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