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17 Yellow Websites, Yellow Color Palette Web Design 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Welcome to our listicle featuring yellow website examples for your inspiration. As web designers know, colors are closely tied to emotions and can influence user reactions. That's why it's important to use attention-grabbing color schemes that accurately represent your online brand. In this listicle, we'll explore some golden color palette designs to provide you with inspiration for your own website. Whether you want to create a cheerful, friendly atmosphere or grab attention with a bold, eye-catching design, these yellow website examples should provide some useful ideas.

In branding, the color yellow is often associated with feelings of happiness, warmth, and positivity. It is often used to create a cheerful, friendly, and inviting atmosphere.

Yellow can also be used to grab attention and stand out, as it is a bright and eye-catching color. However, it is important to use yellow in moderation, as it can be overwhelming if used too heavily.