17 Yellow Websites, Yellow Color Palette Web Design 2022

Welcome to our yellow website examples listicle where we’ll examine golden color palette designs for your inspiration.

Every web designer knows that colors are often linked with emotions and can trigger user reactions. That’s why they employ certain attention-grabbing color schemes to represent online brands.

As with most other web design aspects, some color elements such as bright tones, stark palettes, and even a few other mismatching formats tend to trend more than others.

Yellow is a vibrant color that evokes feelings of fun, joy, warmth, energy, and fun. It can complement your brand and help your digital storefront stand out from the competition especially because people often associate it with positivity, sunshine, playfulness, and a general state of happiness.

Furthermore, the color yellow blends well with black and most other color design elements.

In this post, we’ve identified some great yellow website design examples to inspire your next project.

Best Yellow Websites of 2022

1. Sennep

yellow website

Are you looking for cool yellow designs that can help you add a human touch to your digital world? You should check out the Sennep Digital Studio design.

The Sennep yellow website color scheme is perfect for marketing products as its functionality extends beyond usability to evoke a sense of joy, trust, and brand loyalty.

Check it out here: Sennep

2. Village Montreal

black and yellow websites

Village Montreal is an online retail business website that boasts of a distinct black and yellow design used for selling certain daily life consumer items. It helps to portray a global business scope on symbolic human scale.

Check it out here: Village Montreal

3. Yellow Pony

cool yellow designs

Let’s now introduce you to Yellow Pony; the next entry on our Yellow Background for Website listicle. As the name of this Paris-based agency suggests, you’ll find a pony logo on its mellow themed landing page and design shack gallery.

Check it out here: Yellow Pony

4. Alts Digital

yellow websites

Altsdigital.com is yet another great place you can visit to find nice yellow website design inspiration. This fully remote Portugal-based company is active worldwide and is known for empowering progressive businesses by offering them high intent user connections.

Check it out here: Alts Digital

5. Christou 1910 Days

black and yellow design

The Christou 1910 shop uses its yellow web color design to market anatomical arch support insoles for energized and healthier-looking feet. The product positions and cradles your heels comfortably to help relieve pain and other common foot problems.

Check it out here: Christou 1910 Days

6. Circus Shanghai

yellow website

With Circus Shanghai, you have an example of inspiring red and yellow design done right! The website showcases daily circus theater performances during travels across different cities.

Check it out here: Circus Shanghai

7. Langmobile

yellow background for website

With Langmobile, you have a mellow blue and yellow website design used for inspiring children to learn languages from home. The entire color theme is designed to generate an immersive and fun linguistic environment for kids.

Check it out here: Langmobile

8. Napa Valley Lodge

yellow website color scheme

The nice yellow Napa Valley Lodge website design is ideal for the tranquil and picturesque Tuscan-style vineyard retreat. The luxury boutique hotel is well known for its welcoming employees and exceptional rooms.

Check it out here: Napa Valley Lodge

9. Yinka Shonibare

yellow background for website

The yellow background for website theme on YinkaShonibare.com comes highly recommend for cultural identity inspiration. This is where you can go to explore the work of the UK-based Nigerian artist.

Check it out here: Yinka Shonibare

10. Notorious Nooch Co.

green and yellow website

The Notorious Nooch Company website uses a yellow and black design theme for marketing original 100% natural-flavored nutritional yeast flakes available in the UK. Many people already use their seasoning recipes as their secret culinary weapon.

Check it out here: Notorious Nooch Co.

11. Norris

white and yellow website

Norris is a Greenwich-based waste removal company that uses a yellow and blue website to symbolize its responsible waste removal goals. The distinct color scheme makes the business easily recognizable for commercial and residential customers across the entire South East, London area.

Check it out here: Norris

12. Unusual LA

black and yellow design

Located in Los Angeles, Unusual is branding agency specializing in design, packaging, strategy, and video production. The company’s yellow web color design creates a fun and vibrant impression in potential customers.

Check it out here: Unusual.LA

13. Rohundblutig

yellow and black website design

Need successful black and yellow websites to inspire you? The Rohundblutig freelance web designer portfolio website is definitely worth checking out. The Germany-based company has a digital platform that boasts of a responsive design complete with modern photo & videography.

Check it out here: Rohundblutig

14. Up 4 Change

nice yellow website

You can visit Up4change.com.au for yellow website design motivation. You’ll find the non-profit donation platform stimulates a fun atmosphere where charities can connect immediately with potential donors.

Check it out here: Up4Change

15. WildcatterLA

black and yellow web design

Wildcatter is up next on our list of inspirational yellow websites and it is a great place to visit if you’re looking for some content marketing firepower. The website’s explosive black and yellow design was inspired by detonated terrain.

Check it out here: WildcatterLA

16. Siegelwerk

cool yellow website designs

Up next is Siegelwerk; a Germany-based creative design and brand staging agency with a yellow website color scheme that focuses on creatively developed brand and product concepts.

Check it out here: Siegelwerk

17. Let’s Sally On

cool yellow web designs

Sally On is a female oriented marketing service that uses its yellow website for effectively portraying its mission to boldly encourage and advance businesses owned by women.

Check it out here: Lets Sally On

Yellow Website Templates

We are happy to present you with a collection of the best yellow website templates that you can currently get your hands on. If you’re thinking about a yellow color themed website, it’s best to create a website that is just as striking as your actual mission statement. We have collected this list of nice yellow website templates to help you build an awesome digital platform. Having this collection, you can create a simple website with Wix, WordPress, Weblium, Webflow or Squarespace.

Yellow Website Design Services

Your yellow website design should showcase your brand theme and mission. It should reveal the tone, colors and mood of your business operations. Design aesthetics, the color palette, font selection, and images are all part of the equation that must be used when creating your yellow website. It must also load quickly, be mobile-friendly, and be easy for your guests to navigate and submit their RSVP.

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Best Yellow Website builders

Are you looking for the right yellow website builder? There are dozens of website builders out there, but not all of them can give you what you need to put the spotlight on your d-day.

Some builders can be time-consuming and complicated to use, while others are intuitive and user-friendly. Some let you upload unlimited audio and video clips, while others charge you a premium for storage space.

And if you pick the wrong builder, it can end up costing you a lot of time and money.

Here's a list of the top yellow website builders that have what it takes to build a stunning digital platform.




The Knot



The Wire



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