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14 Best 3D Websites of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The use of 3D animation in website design is becoming more and more popular. Gone are the days of flat illustrations and graphics; now it's all about creating immersive, interactive experiences for visitors. Some of the best gaming websites out there have embraced 3D animation to create fully-realized virtual worlds for players, and it's not just limited to the gaming industry.

3d websites examples

From stunning 3D designs to fully immersive experiences, these websites represent the best of what 3D animation has to offer on the web. Whether you're in the world of architecture, or simply looking to elevate your online presence, the addition of 3D elements can offer visitors a truly captivating experience.

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible power of 3D animation on the web. With their cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, these websites are sure to set the standard for 3D design on the web in the coming year. From immersive 3D environments to stunning 3D designs, these are the 14 best 3D websites we've come across in 2024.

Best 3D Website Examples of 2024

3d website example

Robin Payot is a Paris-based freelance 3D modeler who specializes in creating 3D websites for brands. As such, it's only fitting that his own portfolio website is a testament to his skills. This engaging portfolio website is highly interactive and immersive, providing visitors with a fully immersive experience. From the moment you visit the website, you'll be fully immersed in its interactive and engaging design.

Low Carbon Park is a 3D digital showroom that showcases a portable solar-powered data center. Interactive 3D animation is a popular way for startups to present their products to potential investors on their websites, and Low Carbon Park is no exception. By moving your mouse around the website, you can get a complete 360-degree view of the product, allowing you to fully explore it from all angles. This immersive approach to product presentation is a great way for startups to showcase their offerings in a dynamic and engaging way.

Soul Æther is a young adult sci-fantasy world that explores past lives, science, magic, and alchemy. It encompasses NFTs, an animated series, games, metaverse experiences, and more. This digital NFT website uses a mix of 2D and 3D assets, as well as inwards and flat scrolling animations, to showcase its art and captivate the attention of any crypto lover. With its immersive blend of science fiction and fantasy, Soul Æther is a must-see for fans of both genres.

Dffrnt Era is a well-known accelerator company that helps grow and scale unique business ideas. They refer to their target audience, the talents behind these ideas, as "diamonds." The website uses interesting 3D animations to showcase how Dffrnt Era can shape each business or brand like a well-cut diamond. These animations are scattered throughout the website, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. If you're looking for a company that can help bring your business ideas to the next level, Dffrnt Era is worth checking out.

3d website

What better way to design a gaming website if it's not with 3D animation. The experience on this website is so immersive that it first takes you into this digital solar system where the entire story of the game is revealed to you as you scroll through the website. Gaming websites definitely need to meet a 3D interactive website standard to attract contemporary gamers.


Guilo is a highly skilled web developer, UI designer, and visual artist who has won numerous awards for his work in information architecture, program optimization, and curating digital interactions. On his personal website, he showcases his unique eye for visual interaction. The website features a 3D model of a faceless person as the background, which animates in an interesting way as you scroll vertically through the website. But that's not all – Guilo also added 3D-like transitions to reveal the written content on the website, adding an extra layer of interactivity and immersion. Whether you're interested in Guilo's work or simply looking for inspiration for your own website, this is a must-see.

3d animation web sites

When it comes to food websites, incorporating animations can make the experience even more appetizing. Demilie is a company that makes creamed honey, and their website is a perfect example of this. The 3D animation on their website is simply amazing – it literally shows you the process of obtaining honey and turning it into cream, all in stunning 3D. This animation style is used throughout the entire website, making it a truly immersive experience. Whether you're interested in trying Demilie's creamed honey or just want to see some truly impressive 3D animation, this website is definitely worth a visit.

8. Dala

page 3d

Dala is a Bristol-based award-winning AI software consultancy agency that uses animation to showcase its core values. As one of the best consultancy websites out there, Dala's website features a colorful 3D render of a brain that spins, dissolves into smaller shapes, and re-animates into the brand's logo. This powerful story shows site visitors the core values of the brand and is a great example of how animation can be used to convey a message in a dynamic and engaging way. Whether you're interested in Dala's services or just want to see some innovative use of animation, this website is definitely worth a visit.

Arc studios is a video production house based in Nashville. They have represented their brand online with this stunning creative portfolio website. 3D is used creatively to show how brilliant they can see a single image, as you scroll through the website the main background image rotates in 3D. This gives a really smooth user experience whilst digesting the concise information on the home page. It also has a hamburger menu that keeps the homepage experience clean.

3d website example for ice cream shop

Just as you might feel impressed walking into an ice cream shop as a child, Mr Pops wants you to feel the same way when you visit their website. Even though it's an e-commerce shop, the design of this website is unique and features consistent 3D animations as you navigate through the pages. Mr Pops wants to create the same sense of wonder and excitement that you might feel walking into an ice cream shop in person, and the use of 3D animation helps bring that experience to life online. Whether you're in the mood for some delicious ice cream or just want to see some creative use of animation, this website is worth a visit.

3d website example for tiktoker

Now this is a social media superstar website example. Icon Magazine designed this website to share their experience interview Khaby Lame, a social media with over 100m followers. The website is an interview experienced that is done to mimic the superstar's style of not talking and reacting with his popular hands sign. The combination of 3d texts, videos and other interactive animations offers a really nice interview experience that Icon magazine reasers would really enjoy.

12. Elynxir

Elynxir is a music website from Pixelynx. Founded by Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, Elynxir creates playable experiences that bring fans closer than ever to their favourite artists. The use of 3D renders, graphics and animations were once most common in gaming websites and music websites, it is now emerging in metaverse digital galleries, NFT websites and many other Web 3.0 based web projects.

3d interactive websites

This Paris-based private tattoo shop is well known for its specialized sci-fi body imagery. It is definitely one of the most creative small business website I have come across in my research of the top 3d websites on the internet. This metallic head is animated to move 360 degrees in the direction of your cursor. The visuals become even more intense with x and y lines on the background go give a better depth of view. The animated theme is consistent in all the pages and the cursor still works subtly on the other pages of the website. The 3d web designer also made use of flashes for transition and add to the overall branding of this exclusive tattoo shop.

3d animation web

The Motley Crowd is a digital project developed to enable metaverse users imagine, explore, and create digital age immersive events. It implements 3D in the website design by using it to showcase their portfolio of work. The portfolio of work is a digital gallery that you can actually move through using your mouse.

Best Museum Websites

Di Museum is an innovative museum website that gives an immersive. and complete 3d experience. It was initially created to preserve and portray Digital Ideation students’ Bachelor projects. This highly interactive site comes with a Map and Tour features for easier navigation.

Furthermore, the Di Museum website allows you to enable additional map reading controls.

3D Website Templates

3D website templates are pre-designed web templates that include 3D graphics and animations. These templates are a convenient option for those who want to incorporate 3D elements into their website but don't have the time or resources to create them from scratch. 3D website templates can be customized to fit the specific needs and branding of your website, and they can save you time and effort in the design process. Some popular options for 3D website templates include WordPress themes, HTML templates, and Bootstrap templates. If you're looking to add a touch of 3D to your website, a 3D website template may be a good option to consider.

3D Website Designers

Your 3D website design should showcase the beauty and perfection of your online operations. 3D web animations should reveal the tone, theme, and mood of your business. The design aesthetics, color palette, font selection, and images all play a role in creating a cohesive and effective 3D website. It's important for the site to load quickly, be mobile-friendly, and easy for visitors to navigate and submit their RSVP.

If you have an upcoming online startup launch and are looking to create a standout 3D website, the team at WixFresh can help. As experienced Wix website designers, we have the skills and expertise to bring your dream 3D website to life. Contact us today to get started on creating an amazing 3D website at an affordable price. Take a look at some of the best 3D website examples we've shown above for inspiration.

Best 3D Website Builders

When looking for the right 3D website builder, there are dozens of website builders out there, but not all of them can give you what you need to put the spotlight on your d-day.

Some builders can be time-consuming and complicated to use, while others are intuitive and user-friendly. Some let you upload unlimited audio and video clips, while others charge you a premium for storage space.

And if you pick the wrong builder, it can end up costing you a lot of time and money.

Here's a list of the top website builders that have what it takes to build a stunning 3D website.

Common 3D Website Questions

Do you need a 3D website?

A 3D website helps to give an immersive experience to your website visitors. You need a 3D website to promote your brand or business . 3D renders can be use to showcase your product in high quality detail, promote a game or NFT artworks.

What should be on 3D website?

A 3D website can be as simple as just having 3D elements and product renders on your site pages to a complete 3D immersive experience where the user can navigate within your site in 3D.

How do I create a 3D website?

3D websites are best created from scratch written on a programming language. However, you can also use website templates with 3D animations or already rendered 3D objects.

Is WIX good for 3D websites?

Yes, You can build and create 3D websites with Wix. You can create an interactive and immersive, cursor controlled 3D website using Wix Velo as well as add 3D renders and display this on pages, lightboxes and sections on Wix.

What is a 3D website?

3D websites are sites that incorporate the use of 3D elements, renders and and technology to create a unique visual and interactive experience. 3D websites are very common in the arts, design and gaming industry.

Why should you have a 3D website?

A 3D website can be very beneficial to you if you are an NFT digital curator or have a product that clients will love to see in detail to understand. 3D models, animations and renders can also be used to boost up the visual quality of a website.

What makes a good 3D website?

Because 3D is a heavy graphics technology of its own, a good 3D website must be have a good loading speed. This is the most important factor to allow users enjoy your 3D website. Other factors like the quality of your 3D models, animations and mouse sensitivity all contribute to having a great 3D website.

How much does a 3D website cost?

A professional 3D website could cost anywhere from $5000 upwards within the United States, depending on the location, designer and nature of the project you want to launch. Having experienced and quality website designers that you wan work with in long term is more affordable in the long run as 3D websites are still very complex to manage and handle on the backend.

How can I improve my 3D website?

You can really juice up your 3D website by adding more overall branding to each 3D model or render on the page. You can also make use of scroll animations, interactive movements based on mouse cursor, animated texts and videos to improve the look of your 3D website.

How do you name your 3D website?

The name of your 3D website should be the name of your business or brand. You should use this name as your domain name and as the title of your home page


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