18 Google Site Examples that will Knock your socks off

Whether you are a developer, designer or just someone looking for some inspiration, these Google Sites are sure to leave you feeling inspired. From showcasing art pieces to emerging startups to building your portfolio, there are so many ways that Google Sites can be used to create an impactful online presence. Once you have decided on the type of site you want, we'll take you through the process of setting it up and making it look exactly how you want. It's easier than ever and it won't take long before you'll be ready to share your site with the world!

We've compiled a list of 18 sites that are easy to use, highly functional, and just plain beautiful. We're not just going to show you the finished product. You'll get an inside look into how these sites were created! You'll find out how they made their designs, what tools they used, and the results of their unique approaches. Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two from some of these top-tier designers. Whatever you do, enjoy these inspiring examples of Google Sites done right.

Best Google Site Examples

1. Bird of Prey Centre

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This is the website for a bird centre. The website is designed to serve as a digital advertising borad for the activities done in the centre. From registering for courses and renting a bird to deliver rings on weddings, the website is designed using segments to provide more information, images of past participants at the courses, including reviews from past clients.

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2. Google Drawings

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This is the website for a google drawing artist. Using the format of an image catalogue, the website is filled with images of movie superheroes, which are the artist's work using google drawing, a unique form of art. At the foot of the website is the Artist's information details.

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3. Avox Architects

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This is the website for an architectural firm. The homepage is designed as an image carousel in order to highlight some of the architectural designs the firm has done. The website is formatted into three different pages, to showcase the services they offer, news blog on the activities of the firm, and an About us section on the team.

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4. Flavio Ciabattoni

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This is the personal website of an author. The google site is designed to showcase the written works of the author and his other thoughtful inspirations. Apart from pages showing his woks, the website is also designed as a blog.

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5. Huegel PTO

free google sites templates

This is the website of a PTO. This Google website is designed as segments, in order to display the various works and functions of the PTO. It has a two page homepage format. The website design is formatted to give more pictorial representation of the works they organization does for the school.

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6. Virtual Pieces

google site examples

This Google sit has unique graphic designs patterned after Chess pieces. This is a website for a chess enthusiasts to download chess images. It is a simple designed website with headers on the right hand page.

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7. Xu Chu

google site themes

This is a google website that is designed as a one page homepage, with a visible caption displayed on the homepage with a little description of the Firm's activities. The website uses site headers to help visitor navigate the site easily.

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8. Jivrus

google sites template

This is a colorfully designed Google website for a technology firm. On the homepage is a bold caption o the business proposition which is followed by other pages which reveal the company's product, the kind of services they offer and the testimonials of past clients. The website is strategically design to lead visitors through a journey process to know the business and its offerings and thus be converted to a paying clients.

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9. Hotel Flanders

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This google website is for a hotel service. The website is a strategically designed website to display the aesthetics, beauty, Exclusive awards and reviews about the hotel.

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This google website is owned by a writer snd photographer. It is a simple website that is designed as a segment showing only three photography works of the owner. The website uses site headers to guide visitors who seek more information than what is on the homepage.

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11. Morton Park Hall

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The homepage is designed with an image of the church witha bold caption of the name written all over it. This google website acts as a digital boad of the church's information on their creed and days of activities.

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12. Joshua Pomeroy

google website examples

The homepage is designed with an image of the church with a bold caption of the name written all over it. This google website acts as a digital board of the church's information on their creed and days of activities.

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13. Petersfield High School

google sites portfolio

This is the website or a graphic artist. designed with colors, ths google website displays the illustrative designs of the artist in a collage format. It is a beautifully designed website that is designed to show three things:

  1. The works of the artist

  2. Give information about the artist

  3. Display the industry awards the artist has received building confidence from strangers towards the mastery of the artist.

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14. Preesh

google sites portfolio

This is a google website with a simple design homepage made of a static image of an equipment set as a background picture. The website is designed as a one page homepage with site headers visible on the topmost corner to help visitors navigate the website easily.

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15. Flipping Retail

free google sites templates 2022

This is another simple design google website for a social media company. Due to the many services it offers, thee website is designed in a segments format with each segment created with a link to lead to more information about the business

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16. E-gaming Experts

google my business website examples

This is a professionally designed google website. There is a good combination in the choice of font, color and spacing on the homepage of the website. As simple as it is, it provides adequate information about the firm and the services they provide.

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17. Filip Rzepka

google website builder

This is one of the best google websites on this list. This is a website for a video production firm. The homepage is designed with unique 3D videos and images to show the uniqueness of the company. The google website is designed in different formats and segments, with the intent to display the various works of the video firm to its website visitors

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18. Simcoe Fishing

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This is a google website for a fishing community. Designed in segments, this website also acts a digital board detailing important information about the activities and guides one needs to have about the fishing community. It is a rich website with simple designs

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