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19 Google Sites Examples that will Knock your socks off

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

We did an internet wide research to compile the best examples of websites built with Google Sites and discovered that Google sites are very popular amongst students, teachers, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

best google site examples

Google Sites is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build a website. It's a drag and drop web design tool that makes website creation a straight forward task for people looking to launch a simple website. Google sites is totally free and comes with free themes or templates that you can use to start building your website today.

Whether you are a student, teacher, business owner or a designer looking for some inspiration, these Google Sites are sure to leave you feeling inspired. From creatives showcasing art pieces to emerging startups to building your portfolio, there are so many ways that Google Sites can be used to create an impactful online presence. Once you have decided on the type of site you want, we'll take you through the process of setting it up and making it look exactly how you want. It's easier than ever and it won't take long before you'll be ready to share your site with the world!

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Best Google Sites Examples

I've compiled a list of 18 great websites designed and built with Google Sites. They are well designed, easy to navigate, highly functional and just plain beautiful. All these sites will range in different categories and industries from artist portfolios to education websites.

After reading this entire post, you'd have seen some of the best Google Sites website designs on the intternet, you'll get links free google sites templates and premium templates that you can use to build your own website. Without further ado, enjoy these inspiring examples of Google Sites done right.


google sites example photographer portfolio

Google Sites is a perfect website builder for photography portfolios. This is minimalist portfolio website design. The all white background does a good job at directing the viewers focus at the photographer's work.


google sites events examples

Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre is a beautiful Falconry and events centre in Cumbria, England. This Google sites example is simply built but very effective. It right away showcases a stunning view of the venue, which will immediately attracts potential clients. The website is also very easy to navigate, and they created individual pages for each of their courses and training to break down into details for potential customer to understand their offers before any direct contact.


google sites examples hotel website

This is a unique hotel website for a luxury hotel in the city of Brugge in Belgium. The website shows images of the hotel rooms, exterior and even videos on the homepage showing the hotel and the city life in Brugge. Customers can also book directly as they have a synced calendar on the website. The coolest part of this website is that they added a page for 3D tour of the hotel and it looks amazing.


google sites for small business

This Google Sites website is for an architectural firm in Johannesburg. The website immediately greets you with crisp images of wonderful architecture projects. A good architecture website should have a unique portfolio page. They went on to create a separate page for their portfolio, as well as their services, contact information and a news page. Their work is great and they were able to show this with good photography.


google site templates

Everyone needs a website! And a stunning website at that. This website is for an Italian writer and author who travels around the world and journals his experience. The website intro sells his current book and story, with background images to back his story, literally haha! Flavio entices you into his world of journeys he has taken and what he has written. The website uses a nice scroll effect to reveal his travel images and does a good job at revealing his personality.


google sites examples for school

Google sites can be wonderful not only for school websites but also but Parents Teachers Organization (PTO). A website like this helps to keep parents informed on any new development at the school. The website has a live calendar that helps both parents and teachers easily know dates of events and meetings as well as ongoing programs with the PTO. The site also gives more pictorial representation of the works they organization does for the school.


google sites examples saas

This Google sites example is a free resources website for chess enthusiasts to download chess images. They use this images sometimes as designs on personal belongings or even to create commercial products. It's very simple to use, view the images and download. The site is built with a Left panel menu.

8. Xu Chu


google sites for teachers

This is a research focus group website from the University of Toronto, led by a Professor Xu Chu. This is a nice Google Sites example for students. This can be used as a template for research, academic defense and other similar purposes. The website introduces you to the theme with a nice image of rocks and bold titles that define what the website is about.

9. Jivrus


google sites examples for saas company

Saas websites can also be built using Google Sites and this is a great example of one. Jivrus sells automation software and templated documents to over 2 million users. They were able to build a really comprehensive website that has all the information about their products and solutions.


google sites portfolio example

Another amazing google sites portfolio example. Guess what! This portfolio website was designed by the same guy who designed the first website on our list. He created a dedicated art portfolio website for his art work. The theme of the website along with the presentation is just excellent as it immerses you completely into the world of this artist. Even though homepage is a simply complete showcase of his works, it is well laid out and rounded nicely with an about us section at the bottom of the page.


google sites examples

This is a stunning example of a personal website built with google sites. Joshua Pomeroy is an Artist, Illustrator and Designer and he excelled at designing this website for his services. With this website he is able to show all his skills and expertise concisely using the top navigation menu.


This church website was built with Google Sites and it came out looking very effective for members of the church. The website has a page that shows the meetings dates and times, location information and even youtube videos of recorded messages from past meetings.


This is the website or a graphic artist. designed with colors, ths google website displays the illustrative designs of the artist in a collage format. It is a beautifully designed website that is designed to show three things:

  1. The works of the artist

  2. Give information about the artist

  3. Display the industry awards the artist has received building confidence from strangers towards the mastery of the artist.

14. Preesh


This podcast website features a simple design with a static image of an equipment set as the background picture. The website is designed as a one-page homepage, with site headers visible in the top corner to help visitors navigate the site. The use of a static background image adds visual interest to the site, while the one-page design and prominent site headers make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.



This social media company's website has a simple design that is divided into segments. Each segment contains a link that leads to more information about the business and its various services. This type of design is effective for presenting information about a company or product in a clear and organized way. The use of segmented formatting allows visitors to easily access specific areas of the site and learn more about the company's services. This website's design may be suitable for presenting information about a company's products or services, or for providing resources or information to visitors.

Check it out here



This is a professionally designed google website. There is a good combination in the choice of font, color and spacing on the homepage of the website. As simple as it is, it provides adequate information about the firm and the services they provide.



This website is an excellent example of a videographer's portfolio website. It belongs to Filip Rzepka and features an engaging animation as the homepage's introduction. The website showcases the videographer's work on the homepage and on a dedicated page. Additionally, the website integrates the videographer's Instagram account and provides more information about Filip Rzepka and his services. Overall, this website is well-designed and effectively presents the videographer's work and information about his services in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate manner.

Check it out here


google sites example for fishing blog

This google Sites example is a Blog and is definitely one to clear any doubts on whether you can blog with Google Sites or not. It's a whole library of everything Fish, it's perfect for fishing lovers. Arranged in sections, this website was able to categorize important information about the activities and guides one needs to know if you are in the fishing community.


Google Sites example blog

Best Google Sites Templates

Getting your hands on a template is definitely the easiest approach to building a website by yourself. Students, Teachers and Artists looking to launch a google site for their portfolio can find 'starting from scratch' rather daunting, so templates are the way to go.

There are only 14 free templates for Google Sites created by Google. These templates cover a handful industries or categories and can be limiting if you are planning to build your website with a contemporary design. However there are also custom premium google site templates created by google sites designers from different parts of the world.

Google Sites portfolio Templates

The Free Google sites templates are divided into 3 categories: Portfolio, Education and Business. The education templates makes it easy for teachers to set up a website for their classes or projects and is also great for students who are looking to create a portfolio or online project.

Small businesses such as Salons, Events planning, restaurants are also able to use some of these themes and quickly switch it over to their own website with their own information.

Artists, Photographers, Architects are great examples of people that will find the google sites portfolio templates really helpful. They are straight forward in terms of setting up

google sites education template

Since there are only a limited number of free google sites templates. Many Google Sites designers have also gone ahead to create premium google sites templates that look better and may even serve your niche better than the ones Google provides out of the box.

Here are links to some of the best Google Sites Templates you can use for your website.

Google Sites Alternatives

Even though Google Sites is one of the simpler and popular options for creating websites, it's not the best solution for building fully functional and professional websites. It offers a very limited range of pre-designed templates that you can use. Google Sites can also turn out difficult to customize and expand as it doesn’t support integration with lots of third-party tools.

Furthermore, Google Sites doesn’t come with custom domains or eCommerce, so it’s advisable to consider other website builders that can better serve your needs and help you create stunning sites in no time.

This are the top 7 Google Sites alternatives you can use to build your own website in 2023

1. Wix

2. Squarespace

3. Webflow

4. Weebly

5. Shopify

6. GoDaddy Site Builder

7. Zyro



10. Joomla

Google Sites Designers

While we were looking at the best designs made with google sites, we also did well to research the top google sites designers that provide web design services for google.

Here is a short list of the top Google Sites Designers and Agencies.

How to Create a Free Website with Google Sites

  1. Open Google Sites.

  2. Choose a template or Start with a blank template.

  3. Add a Title to your home page.

  4. Determine the layout of your homepage.

  5. Add sections that link to the other pages on your site

  6. Design and add your site colors

  7. Add your Site content.

  8. Publish your Google Site.

  9. Choose your website address or add your own custom domain.

Here's a video that will guide you on how to create a professional website by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Sites

Can you use google sites for a small business?

Google Sites is a cheap and fast way to create a website for your small business. You can start with a free or custom google sites theme and then move on to stronger website builders as your business grows.

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a free drag and drop web design tool that can be used to build a small scale website for teams, small business and organizations.

Can you use google sites for blogging?

Google Sites can be used for blogging. You need to create and customize both the blog feed page and post pages individually You can Google Sites however, doesn't allow commenting on blog posts. It's better to use other full range website builders.

How does Google Sites work?

Google Sites works like google drives and can be easily connected to Google apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

How much does Google site cost?

Google Sites is completely free to use. You can build your website and publish it with a free 'google domain name'. You can also connect your custom domain name to your Google Sites or purchase a domain from trustworthy domain providers.

Is Google Sites like a website?

Google Sites is a free tool that you can use to build a professional website. It works like every other website builder you know, it is just mostly used by small teams, research groups, teachers and for portfolios.

What can you build with Google Sites?

With Google Sites, You can build small business websites, portfolio websites, team sites, teacher, classes websites, and more with a simple drag and drop tool.

What is disadvantage of Google Sites?

Google Sites has limited functionality compared to other website builders and it's not really the best for business. The site builder is also only compatible with Google Apps which may be a major hitch when expanding the website.

Can you make money from Google Sites?

You can make money with Google Sites the same way you'd make money with any other website. You can do affiliate marketing, Ads on your blog, lead funnels and other online money making strategies with your Google Sites website.

Do Google Sites last forever?

Since Google Sites is completely free, your published website will always be on the internet for as long as Google continues to provide this website building tool.

Is GoDaddy better than Google Sites?

Google Sites is quicker and easier to use for someone looking to create a basic website. It is also completely free compared to Godaddy whose cheapest plan is $5.

Can you use Google Sites for a small business?

Google sites is good for small businesses especially if you are just starting out. It's perfect as a short term solution. If you are looking for something more advanced then I'd go for other site builders.

How do I make my Google Site look professional?

The best way to make your google sites look professional is to custom design the website. You can also choose to hire specialized designers to help you create a more sophisticated design.


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